Our Story

Kalos Art & Décor was founded by ex-colleagues, Ambika Sreenivasan and Sneha Ramavana. Their shared interest and love for the Indian Handicraft community and local artwork had them spending a lot of time (and money) at local exhibitions, sante & melas where they interacted with the handicraft community, women entrepreneurs, artisans and the community at large, and were able to identify a gap in the market. They realized that accessibility to local artwork existed in geographical silos, and those that were accessible across the country were quite expensive.

With the aim to bridge this gap, making Indian Handcrafted art & craftwork accessible to all, and to create unique product offerings for their consumers, Ambika & Sneha started "Kalos Art & Décor", a platform that works to bring different unique artworks from across the country onto a single platform, by working with the handicraft community, artisans and women entrepreneurs to create unique pieces that will hopefully decorate homes across the country one day.

Ambika & Sneha both have their familial homes nestled in the Western Ghats and have spent a good portion of their childhood there, where sustainability was not just a concept or trend to be followed, but was the norm and the very way of life. So it was natural that they incorporated this into Kalos as well, and are always on the lookout to create products that are sustainable while creating value for their consumers, as well as partner with vendors and companies who shared similar ethos as they did.

Marrying the two concepts, Kalos works to create unique product offerings which usually can be repurposed after use, incorporate recycled, upcycled or repurposed raw materials, while supporting the local artisan community and creating an avenue to facilitate sustainable and eco-conscious living.

About our Founders

 Ambika, a civil engineer and real estate consultant by education, is an artist herself and spends her free time painting, knitting, and creating unique artworks using mixed media to decorate her home.

As the creative director, she has been the one-woman army behind creating and designing most of our products, is always on the lookout for new products, mediums and trends that she can create for her customers, and is not afraid to get her hands dirty (usually with paint & glue!). She has a unique and keen sense of design and colour, and brings that same vibrancy and design aesthetic to Kalos.




Sneha, an MBA in Finance, is our numbers person and you would find her yet again behind another excel sheet trying to automate something or the other.

Surprisingly, she moonlights as an influencer as well, and this gives her the unique perspective on handling our social media platforms. She is usually the one working behind the camera, creating content & managing our social media platforms as well. Her penchant for organisation (being a tad bit of a control freak that she is) is behind making sure every order leaves the Kalos office packed perfectly and she rarely ever allows room for error, making sure her customers get the very best Kalos has to offer.